We are here to enrich our community with the beauty of natural wood.
Come by and meet us, tour our shop, have a cup of coffee or a bottle of water, smell some cedar, feel some oak. We are here to enrich our community with the beauty of natural wood.

The Virginia WuD Company LLC was formed in Virginia to bring to life the native woods of the commonwealth. We are rich in native Eastern Cedar, black walnut, 14 species of Oak, 4 species of Maple, 3 species of Birch, 3 species of elms, and 8 species of pine.

We love Virginia and the fabrication and production we have here at WuD saves thousands of feet of precious wood grown on Virginia land for over 80+ years being destroyed in chippers and burnt as firewood.

We bring back the joy of raw wood.

We have a passion for the fibers in the wood grains speaking to us. WuD is embracing the true beauty of wood and its character. No two pieces of WuD are ever the same, though they may be from the same tree and even from the same log.

Live with a piece of Virginia’s story
in your home, office, or business.

We specialize in selling fabricated from raw materials benches, tables, chairs, shelves, and any custom piece you would like us to create for you. Our order system is catered to your personal taste, we encourage you to be involved in the experience down to selecting the piece of wood from our inventory for your project. WuD takes the time to appreciate the beauty Mother Nature created for our surroundings. 

WuD is located in the Heart of the Peninsula
in Yorktown, Virginia.

We are an onsite fabrication company specializing in the sale of WuD brand slabs to the public and custom finished live edge and farmhouse style custom furniture and anything your imagination can draw on a napkin or a post it. Doesn’t matter if its all made of WuD or if its a metal and WuD fabrication. We can make it happen.